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Embedding Video in Posts

Lets face it a screen full of text, no matter how interesting and creative, does not attract most people while surfing the web but a good picture or even a video can catch someones eye and get them reading.

As you can see from the example posts on this blog I would recommend at least one image on each post.

Here I am showing how an embedded video can make a post more interesting. The video below is direct from wordpress.com and is about there iphone client which allows you to blog directly from the ever popular Apple Iphone. This blog was embedded by uding the supplied code of  wpvideo Bh7FJ4Qg between sqaure brackets (e.g [wpvid????])

Or if you prefer you can embed a video from Youtube, Google Video or Daily Motion using the upload Video icon or using the text format suggested below:

Embed Video

Embed Video

An example Youtube video about blogging:

Or if you prefer you could pay for the Video upgrade and upload your own videos. You can also upload you videos to Youtube (or any of the other supported sites) adn embed in the usual way.