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Adding your Wordpress.com posts to your Facebook Page

This post should show you how to post any publicly readable RSS reed to a “Facebook Page”. There are many ways to add RSS updates to your personal profile but to add to Facebook Business Page.

  1. First find your WordPress Blog’s RSS feed If this is a WordPress hosted blog on WordPress.com then if your blog is example.wordpress.com then feed is usually example.wordpress.com/feed. You can always test this by putting your blog address followed by “/feed” in your browser’s address bar and you should see a list of your last posts
  2. On you Facebook Page click edit pageedit-page
  3. From the list of applications go down no “Notes” and click Edit.Edit Notes
  4. From left hand side again click “Edit import Settings”edit-import-settings
  5. Finally enter the RSS feed address we found at number 1 into the RSS box.enter-RSS-URL

This should work for any RSS feed but unfortunately it will only work for as there is no option currently to add another RSS feed after the first.