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Tweet Button Option on

Sharing>Settings* Update* 24 August 2010 have added even more sharing options including Facebook, Stumbleupon and Digg and all of these including Twitter are now setup in Settings> Sharing. Once selected all of these items are added to the end of your blog post to allow sharing to these social media sites.

Quick update. Recently Twitter launched their own ‘Tweet Button’ for blogs and other sites. These type of buttons  have been available for sometime from 3rd part providers such as Tweetmeme but this is the first time that Twitter has supplied their own.

Appearance Menu


The great news is that have implemented this into all of their hosted blogs so it can be added by a tick of a box. The tick box is located under the Appearance Menu on the Extras Option.

On the Extra’s options tick the last option to show the “Tweet Button”:

Extras Options

Now on the bottom of the each post you will see a small button like:

Tweet Button

Tweet Button

Any user clicking this button will create an automatic tweet of the blog post title and a link back to your blog ready to post to Twitter as below:

Tweet ScreenHaving this button should hopefully encourage users to tweet your blog posts and this can then generate more visits to your blog.


Embed Audio, Images and Video Media in a

Long lists of text posts are not attractive and are thought not to entice a reader so it is recommended to embed media into a post even if it is just a related (however loosely) picture. From the upload/insert bar (above the main toolbar) you can upload:



image credit

A picture can be very effective in making a post more eye catching even if the image only has an indirect link to what the post is about. If you are short of good images they can be purchased relatively cheaply from Stockphoto sites like istockphoto or alternatively you can use the creative commons images from Flickrnormally without cost except attribution to the owner (best to check all licenses before using especially if you are using commercially)


If you have video files then these can be uploaded and embedded in a post if you have paid for the video upgrade but far more popular is embedding a video which is being hosted on another site such as youtube.

The URL (web address) of the video can be entered directly into the upload Video>’From URL’ tab (Below)

upload video

Then the Video will display and can be viewed on your blog:


Audio can be embedded by adding the tag to a hosted  mp3 file  which would result in an embedded audio file which can be played on the site like this:


As well as embedding the above media you can also embed polldaddy polls. See this post.

Mobile Applications for

Finding the time to update your blog can be difficult at the best of times. If only you could update your blog in those moments when you have spare time say when you are stuck on a train or even in a slow moving queue. Well now you can, if you have a smart phone, from a  mobile application for

WordPress has some of the best support for mobile applications including:

WordPress Application for iPhone:

WordPress Application for Blackberry:

WordPress Application for Android: